Finally supply chain visibility WITH
the security of blockchain


A fully integrated, cloud-based Web3 supply chain management platform only makes sense if it’s secured by blockchain.
WaveDancer Maverix®it’s not just what you want, it’s what you need.

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Your supply chain needs Maverix® if you demand:

  • Real-time track & trace of shipments, products, assets
  • Greater transparency upstream and downstream
  • True data integrity
  • Higher efficiency and lower costs
  • A user-friendly and low-risk solution

Our zero trust, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform gives companies visibility, accountability and security across their supply chains. Maverix® Blockchain can be tailored to existing systems – no need to “rip and replace.”

The power of


Traditional supply chain management systems are no longer adequate. From smart contracts to visibility across all of your logistics, the very nature of blockchain – immutable data verified by a distributed network – allows us to create a platform that gives you complete control.



Layers of time consuming, third-party verifications, auditors and forensics




Transparent, trusted data means fewer intermediaries and instant audits



Too many opportunities for human error or malicious intent



Blockchain provides immutable, unhackable data storage



Patchwork of disparate, siloed systems 



A single, integrated data system delivers unparalleled speed and efficiency



Projections and forecasting are weak and undependable 



Machine learning and AI from trusted data provides robust predictive modeling 


Blockchain in Oil and Gas 

With numerous raw materials, storage facilities, and modes of transportation involved, the oil and gas supply chain/asset management network is extremely complicated. 

Using Blockchain for Sustainability and Energy Transition  

One of the largest energy companies in the world, Shell, is embarking on an energy transition agenda to move away from using fossil fuels with the help of blockchain. Blockchain’s distinguishing components of distribution and encryption of data are what attract global organizations like Shell, who need trusted technology solutions for storing and sharing valuable information.   

WaveDancer Wraps up Year with nearly $500k of Additional Revenue in its Secure Supply Chain Technology Business

WaveDancer, Inc., (NASDAQ: WAVD) announced today that the Company recognized nearly $500k in revenue before the year’s end, from their United States government contract implementing their end-to-end blockchain-enabled supply chain management platform.

WaveDancer Signs Multi-Year Contract with Commercial Customer

FAIRFAX, VA, December 22, 2022 – WaveDancer, Inc., (NASDAQ: WAVD) announced today that the Company signed another customer for their Maverix Blockchain platform. The multi-year engagement is expected to exceed $500,000 in new subscription revenue.

What is a Smart Contract in the Blockchain?

Smart contracts are one of the clearest benefits of blockchain technology.  They have broad applications across various industries and use cases and provide value that is clear and tangible. As more industries use blockchain to track many different systems and processes, the usage of smart contracts has evolved as well.

WaveDancer Offers Visibility + Security to Global Supply Chains

WaveDancer, Inc., (NASDAQ: WAVD) announced today that the Company launched a new website showcasing their commercial, permissioned blockchain-enabled supply chain management platform, Maverix. Check out this video to see how it works.

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