Secure Your Assets Workflows Systems

WaveDancer is changing how companies protect physical and digital assets with blockchain. Our MaverixTM Blockchain technology was purpose-built to solve one of the most challenging supply chain missions for one of the most demanding clients on Earth.

We leverage the power of blockchain to provide an unprecedented level of security and control. The icing on the cake? Our technology allows you to harness – and make sense of – all your data, so you can anticipate change and make meaningful predictions like never before.

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Mission Focused to Keep America Safe

A lot of our team comes from military and intelligence backgrounds. We’ve dedicated our lives to protecting others and we are passionate about keeping America safe. We’ve applied our blockchain and supply chain expertise to develop products that help organizations secure their data, their assets, and their systems. Because we truly believe that you should trust nothing and know everything.  

A New Type of Cybersecurity

Make no mistake – how we interact, transact and conduct business is even more at risk than ever. While cyberattacks aren’t new, they are becoming increasingly used as the weapon of choice by our enemies. A lot of what companies do to protect themselves is reactive – monitoring for breaches and then scrambling to address their vulnerabilities. We’re offering a more proactive approach to cybersecurity. A platform that is inherently secure because it’s built on the power of a private-based blockchain. You don’t have to address cyberattacks after the fact, you can prevent them from happening.

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Trust Nothing. Know Everything.


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