WaveDancer - Trust Nothing. Know Everything.

Meet WaveDancer

A new company that’s actually being born out of a well-established company.

WaveDancer is the transformation of a company called Information Analysis Incorporated (IAI) that’s been around for over a quarter-century. We are rapidly expanding our products and services, to introduce and integrate new disruptive technology into the edge device and IoT marketplace.

Our transformation has begun in earnest with the acquisition of a new and differentiated enterprise private blockchain. It was purpose-built to solve the lack of security and transparency that costs time and money across domestic and international supply chains. Today our Blockchain technology is in production in diplomatic and intelligence organizations where it is enabling critical operations around the world. Tomorrow, it will be widely deployed in government and commercial organizations who need immutable security of, and total visibility into, complex supply chains.

The stuff you can read about on our Product/Technology page is just the beginning. There’s a lot more coming to WaveDancer as we work to solve everyday supply chain and logistical problems that all government agencies and companies are facing. The fact is that in today’s world, organizations really can’t trust people or systems. We want to give you the tools you need to feel confident so you can focus on what’s really important.

And don’t worry – if it’s IT services you need, we will continue to offer those services through Tellenger. They’ve been collectively helping the Federal government, as well as commercial clients, build custom software or customize off-the-shelf software to meet cybersecurity, cloud, and data management needs for decades. For now, you can learn more about them at Infoa.com and Tellenger.com.

Our management team blends a unique combination of experience in technology, mergers and acquisitions, defense and intelligence, marketing and operations. We’ve successfully built companies. And from what we’ve seen, we believe at our core that securing commercial and government supply chains is an issue of significant national importance. So, at WaveDancer, we’re building on our track records and using the industry leading end-to-end blockchain enabled security solutions we possess, to out the bad actors and make the world a safer place. Because ultimately you should trust nothing but know everything.

WaveDancer’s technology platform is pretty radical and provides capabilities that aren’t widely available in the marketplace yet. But the need for them is there. You may think you need us now, but you’re going to know you need us soon.

Meet The Team

Jamie founded WaveDancer because he wanted to change the way commercial and government organizations conduct business. After serving as an officer in the US Army, Jamie practiced corporate law before becoming the CEO of FedData. At FedData, Jamie took the company from a small start-up and built it into one of the most successful companies supporting intelligence and defense organizations. Jamie brings his deep legal, financial, private equity and mergers and acquisitions experience to WaveDancer and uses it to drive long-term shareholder value. 

Tim has a broad background in financial management having worked in companies ranging in size from $25 million to $1 billion, and all along the company life cycle. Tim is continuously developing the people, processes, and technology needed to meet the myriad requirements of a public company. Meeting those requirements are the sine qua non for a CFO. But beyond that, Tim sees it as his role to equip the organization with information and insights, and to coordinate the allocation of its resources, to ensure WaveDancer achieves its strategic goals and drives shareholder value.

Randy is passionate about helping customers fix problems and achieve goals. A 16-year veteran in the IT and Cybersecurity space in which he has held various channel, sales, and management roles, with a successful track record of driving growth initiatives and business strategies based on vision. He has had successful stops at both Infoblox and ForeScout in which he helped them grow from smaller startup phases all the way through successful IPO’s. In joining WaveDancer he sees a vision in which to become a disrupting force within the supply chain, operations, and IT fields.

Heather is our Chief Growth Officer. She is a data-driven marketing and IT leader who has helped Fortune 500 companies such as Marriott, Disney and British Airways develop, build, and manage marketing programs and digital solutions. Most recently she led Tellenger, Inc. to a successful acquisition by Information Analysis Incorporated. Even early on in her career Heather has been part of firms that were acquired or went public, and she enjoys applying her expertise to grow successful businesses. She has a healthy obsession with making informed marketing decisions through data analytics and customer input. 

Jeff’s our problem solver and blockchain chief. He joined WaveDancer to unleash the potential of the blockchain technology he created as founder of GMI. Jeff spent his first career in the military, serving in intelligence, operations and science and technology. His breadth of experience led him to create several successful, innovative companies cutting across a wide swath of real world problems. These businesses ranged from digital video (solving bandwidth integration), intelligence education and training (baselining mission requirements) and supply chain management (using advanced blockchain). Jeff brings the application of technology to business process transformation.

Anantha is an entrepreneur, CTO/CISO of both product and services companies. He was the co-founder and CTO/CISO of percipient.ai – a Silicon Valley AI company focused on building AI/ML/Computer Vision products for National Security, Co-founder, and principal architect of SCIT Labs, a cyber security product company based on the concept of Moving Target Defense. He was also the CTO of Blackstone Technology Group and Sevatec Inc. – mid-size services companies serving a variety of federal government agencies. He has over 25 years of technical and leadership experience. He has published multiple papers for national and international conferences on Medical informatics, AI/ML, and Cybersecurity.

Stay tuned for more news and developments – our offerings will evolve rapidly, and our capabilities will be growing dramatically.

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