Secure Your Supply Chain with MaverixTM Blockchain

Supply chains today are under attack. It’s become too common for data to be stolen or modified for malicious purposes. Companies need more secure, transparent tracking in every step of their chain. Meet MaverixTM Blockchain – WaveDancer’s Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) built on the immutable foundation of blockchain to provide complete data integrity.

We are the only enterprise-grade, blockchain software program being operated for one of the most demanding U.S. Government agencies. And we can customize and integrate our platform to work with any company’s existing systems and processes.

Maverix brings together all transactions, documentation, authorizations – every aspect of a process – in one zero-trust, web-based interface giving you an unprecedented level of accountability, auditability and predictability, up and down your supply chain.

The cost savings over time can be significant. When issues arise, they can now be resolved without question in minutes instead of days, weeks or months. The new power to analyze every step and phase allows predictive modeling that can anticipate bottlenecks and identify risks.

Features Include

Vast Additional Applications

Our modular platform has expanded capabilities far beyond supply chain management. We’re currently testing Tamper Evident Security (TES), whereby chipsets on circuit boards can be absolutely verified to be unchanged throughout an entire supply chain. We’ve also built the use of digital currency and funds transfer into the platform. 

No matter the type of physical and digital asset – from vehicle fleets and building or campus assets to financial transactions and workflow systems – our platform can aggregate your data into a single, interconnected, blockchain secured framework. Contact WaveDancer to discuss your specific challenge. 

Product Benefits


Streamline your entire supply chain lifecycle


Drill down to examine any immutable data point within the lifecycle


Apply predictive analysis to identify trends and patterns


Our Blockchain foundation provides a new level of confidence for every aspect of your supply chain

Why Blockchain is
The Game-Changer

In today’s environment of vast quantities of data, traditional databases just can’t be trusted. It’s too easy to change data, and there are too many players throughout business processes who are motivated to make edits – for financial or other interests. While this is a simplification of a complex technology, there are three core ideas that make blockchain tamperproof and therefore ideal for a zero trust platform:

Why You Should Care

Trust – Every digital or physical asset tracked in our platform is immutably secure and accounted for.

Cost Reduction – The efficiencies are immense: from instant audits and the ability to chat online with vendors and partners within the blockchain, to drastically reducing the risk of insider threats.

Intelligence – Applying artificial intelligence to your trusted data streams allows you to extrapolate trends, risks and opportunities. We take data from overwhelming to actionable intelligence.

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